Class Guide

Core & Cardio

A high intensity class that combines core work, yoga, cardio, and stretching in the hot room. Cardio series is similar to HITT Training. Exercises vary between classes. Class is 1 hour in length and heated. All activity levels are welcome.


vinyasa flow

Alignment based class which focuses on aligning your body to optimize healing while building strength, balance, and flexibility. Moderate to fast pace. Warm but not heated. All activity levels welcomed.


26/2 Yoga

26/2 Yoga Class is a class for all skill levels. It is designed around 26 postures, designed to scientifically warm and stretch the muscles. The 26 posture series is completed in the same manner every class. Each class runs 90 minutes long in the hot room.


yin yoga

Yin yoga works deeply into our body with longer held poses. It targets out deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues - ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body - rather than the muscles. Class is 1 hour in length.


26/2 express

26/2 Express yoga class is the 26 posture class consolidated into 1 hour. Class moves at a fast pace with little to no breaks or proper posture instruction. Knowledge of the regular 26/2 yoga class is beneficial. Class is heated to same level as normal 26/2 yoga class.


Science of Self

Class uses traditional yoga postures, breathing, and purification techniques combined with physical and energy anatomy based cues, acupressure points, and organ awareness. All activity levels are welcome. Class is 90 minutes.

Hot Flow Yoga

Linking movement and breath, this style of yoga weaves poses together in a flow like series that allows the yogi to move to the rhythm and guidance of their own breath. This class allows yogis to take 26/2 postures to more advanced levels, focusing on upper body and core strength. Class is 75 minutes long in the hot room.